The Science Museum offers a chance to observe Jupiter tomorrow

May 10, 2006

 El Museo de las Ciencias Príncipe Felipe acoge mañana una charla coloquio y una observación de Júpiter, una actividad totalmente gratuita que ofrece la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias en colaboración con la Asociación Valenciana de Astronomía (AVA) y que se realizada dentro del ciclo "Astronomía en el Museo 2006" que se ha organizado por tercer año consecutivo.

The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is holding a talk and an observation of Jupiter tomorrow, an activity that is totally free of charge provided by the City of Arts and Sciences in collaboration wit the Valencia Astronomy Association (AVA) as part of the “Astronomy at the Museum 2006” series now in its third year.

The event will begin at 21:15 with a talk in the Santiago Grisolía Auditorium given by Francisco Izquierdo Gómez, coordinator of the AVA’s Selenography section. Following that, the observation of the planet and its four main satellites shall begin, weather permitting. 

At the same time as the talk, there will be a special astronomy activity for children. They can attend a planetarium session that will explain the spring sky, the location of the stars "Spica" and "Arthur" and of the Planet Jupiter, as well as a constellation or two, such as that of Hercules. Participants will complete the activity by observing from the northern viewpoint of the Museum.

· Thursday, 11th May

· 21:15

· Santiago Grisolía Auditorium and the northern viewpoint of the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum. Valencia