The Science Museum holds a new exhibition on the machines of Leonardo da Vinci

Dec 27, 2005

From today and until the 24th February, the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is holding an exhibition entitled "Leonardo’s Machines". It displays 12 sculptural machines and reproductions of the drawings made 400 years ago by Leonardo da Vinci.
The Science Museum holds a new exhibition on the machines of Leonardo da Vinci

The exhibition, produced by CAM, is located on the first floor of the Museum and is structured round four mechanical criteria that provide the title for the information boards: “With just one point of support”, “Round levers”, “Rolling up a plane" and “Air and water”, each of which describes the functioning of these devices that preceded the delta wing, the helicopter, the steamboat, the diving suit and the winch crane, among other inventions of the Modern Age.

Born in Italy in 1452, during a period of great progress and development in science, art and invention, Leonardo Da Vinci was a great artist, architect and thinker. He drew out his ideas on methods of transport, including the parachute, the armoured vehicle and even shoes for walking in the snow and floating in water. Leonardo’s drawings on tools, machines and weapons still loo modern today. But many of the ideas he proposed were far beyond people’s capabilities and the technology available at the time.

With this new exhibition, the content of the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is once again expanded. Last November also saw the opening of “100 years of science”, which looks at the most important aspects of modern physics and the technological and scientific advances of recent years, as well as the figure of Albert Einstein and his significant contributions.