The Science Museum introduces the exhibition: "Climate Change. Questions and Answers"

Dec 19, 2007

The general director for Climate Change, Jorge Lamparero, and the director of Social Works at Caixa Catalunya, Miquel Perdiguer, today inaugurated the exhibition “Climate Change. Questions and Answers,” created by Caixa Catalunya Obra Social - Fundació Territori i Paisatge (Foundation for Territory and Landscape), which will remain in the Science Museum until 1st April 2008. 
The Science Museum introduces the exhibition: The aim of this display is to give answers to the uncertainty generated by a worldwide phenomenon that will have consequences in citizens’ daily lives. “Climate Change. Questions and Answers” puts forward the question in a simple way, both in its set-up –through questions and answers- and in its contents. The aim is to offer specific information to citizens about the causes and especially about the consequences that the phenomenon may have in their lives.

The exhibition takes a look at the signs of global warming on a planetary scale, identifying the key players that have brought it about, to make it clear in whose hands the responsibility lies for mitigating – and adapting to- climate change. The display provides a walking route based on a formula of questions and answers. This concept requires the visitors to interact, making them actors as well as spectators in the proposed narration.

“Climate Change. Questions and Answers” is made up of a modular system of 9 display units, each of which corresponds to a chapter on a theme: Climate change is news; Is climate changing?; Climate change is already here; What future awaits us?; A global problem, a global solution?; And me, what can I do...?; Tackle climate change; Any more questions? and Commit yourself against Climate Change!.

The backbone upon which the exhibition has been designed calls for the visitors’ participation. Each audiovisual needs to be activated to create a dialogue, so that it is the citizens who decide at all times what they want to know. Some of the questions made by the display are: How warm are our seas getting?; Will the fauna now in danger of extinction disappear forever?; Will Spain become a desert?; Is climate change the only reason for the desertification of Spain?, What are greenhouse gases?, and What are renewable energies?

“Climate Change. Questions and Answers” sets out a series of facilities focusing on the power of citizens to change things. The visitors can see themselves as active participants for change, through an audiovisual presentation that shows how daily attitudes have an influence on accelerating or slowing down climate change. Throughout 16 sequences on various aspects of daily life, the aim is to show how the amount of energy consumed and CO2 emissions are different according to how we behave from day to day.