The Science Museum hosts the original film of Shackleton¿s expedition.

May 16, 2006

The Museo de las Ciencias Príncipe Felipe tomorrow, 17th May, will be showing the film “South”, the original film shot to finance the Antarctic expedition of Ernest Shackleton. The film shot by the official photographer of the expedition, Frank Hurley, relates the adventures of Shackleton and his men and includes images that, at that time, were a novelty and of great interest.

The film and details of the expedition will be commented on by the expert in the history of Antarctic expeditions, Robert Headland who is also a member of the Scott Polar Research Institute of Cambridge (England).

This film forms part of the cycle of parallel activities to the exhibition entitled “Trapped in the Ice” that the Museum is hosting and which has been programmed with the intention of delving deeper into themes related to the Antarctic, such as its political and administrative situation, the history of the continent, scientific research that is undertaken there or the protection of the environment.