The Science Museum hosts "3D Sculptures=Art+Science" exhibition

Feb 16, 2012

It uses a technology that allows one to create sculptures of people from a scan
The Science Museum hosts The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is hosting an exhibition entitled “3D Sculptures=Art+Science”. It is a compilation of the work of artist Stella Torres Martí who, together with industrial engineer Enrique Navarro, experiments with new techniques in sculpture and applies innovative digital technologies.

The exhibition has been set up on the Calle Menor, one of the Museum’s free access areas. It explains the technology that allows one to create sculptures, colour replicas of people, from a scan that takes just a few minutes. The exhibition includes eight figures in three formats: 20, 28 and 50 centimetres tall, as an example of these “sculptural photographs”. At the end, visitors can get a three-dimensional scan of themselves and, after a few days, buy their own sculpture from a company called ENATEC.

The pieces are made up of meticulously overlaying thin layers that follow the lines of a scan of surfaces and volumes. Once this three-dimensional scan of the person is complete, there follows the complex work of capturing the essence of the model in a digital figure which has mass and volume.

This exhibition brings together both technological innovations and art and the result is a set of highly detailed sculptures. The artist’s traditional tools have been replaced by laser, computers and resins, to faithfully create each of the pieces.