The Science Museum holds a digital art exhibition entitled 'Future Nature'

Mar 14, 2012

On the Calle Mayor
The Science Museum holds a digital art exhibition entitled 'Future Nature' The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is holding a new exhibition. It is entitled “Future Nature” and is collection of digital art by Bernardo Rivavelarde, made up of images, soundscapes and other genres.

The exhibition is located on the Museum’s Calle Mayor and includes 12 large-scale images printed onto plastic canvas, as well as a tunnel in which the images are projected in movement and synchronized with music composed by the Spanish electronic music group, The Lab.

“Future Nature” creates an imaginary environment of nature in the future shaped by man through usage and information technology. In this nature of the future, one can still identify the sea, plants, clouds, trees or earth, but differently to the way we do now.

The public can see and hear forests in which there are no trees or plants, but they will be there; or they may observe a sea with water that is not like the water they know. The installation creates a potential reality, with a clear invitation to rethink and reflect on “something new”, Future Nature; something that we may one day have to face up to.

“Future Nature” is an art project that has recently been selected as one of the ten best international pieces at the prestigious Prix Ars Electronica 2011 (Linz, Austria) and the Japan Media Arts Festival 2011 (Tokyo, Japan)