Mar 12, 2010

FURNISHING THE WORLD, HAND IN HAND WITH NATURE This exhibition aims to provide a complete view of the different uses and benefits that wood and products derived from it have given human development since its origins until today.

The display has been organised by the Furniture, Wood, Packaging and Related Industries Technology Institute, AIDIMA, and The Valencia Community Region’s Woodworking and Furniture Industries Federation, FEVAMA. It exhibits products created and manufactured in the Valencia Community Region that bring together design (one branch of art), Innovation and Technology (as applied science).

The exhibition has been financed by the region’s Industry, Business and Innovation Department through IMPIVA (the Valencia region’s Small and Medium-Sized Industry Institute), the 2nd Valencian Companies’ Competitiveness Plan and the European Union. It is divided into three different areas that establish an itinerary setting off from “The Sustainable Forest”, where one is invited to discover the biological cycle of wood and forest management. The second area has articles, tools, utensils, instruments and other products made of wood. Finally, the third display area focuses on furniture and habitat, where the visitor can follow the entire process of creating furniture.

Different interactive options guide the contents with challenges by means of questions and answers, and a set of games especially designed and adapted to the exhibition. This area also has a charming setting, “furnishing music”, where the visitor can enjoy choosing a specific habitat to the rhythm of music suited to this end, and the furniture museum that brings together collectors’ items from the beginning of the last century up to today.