Science Museum to host the exhibition "Climate Change. Questions and Answers" from December

Nov 15, 2007

The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is, from 19th December, to host the exhibition entitled “Climate Change. Questions and Answers”, organised by the Fundació Territori i Paisatge de la Obra Social de Caixa Catalunya , which seeks to respond, in a clear and direct way, to public concern on this issue.  
To do so, this subject will be presented in a simple manner, both in form – through questions and answers- and in content. The aim of the exhibition is none other than to offer the public concrete information on the causes, and especially the consequences, that that phenomenon may have on their lives.

The exhibition traces evidence of global warming on a planetary scale, identifying the main agents that have caused it, so as to show where the responsibility lies for mitigating- and adapting- to the change.

Visitors, therefore, will be able to recognise themselves as one of those agents, as they not only take part in the causes of global warming, but also, in the future, will have to modify their life styles both to reduce the repercussions and to adapt themselves to social and economic imbalances, given that climate change will have an effect, in particular, on our current way of life.

Furthermore, from 8th November, visitors to the Science Museum’s Side Street will be able to see a series of panels on three different aspects of this issue: What do we know?, What do we have? and What to do? about climate change. Three interactive modules will also be included in which the public can find out how the footprints of history and climate are left in the cross-sections of trees, how clouds are formed and even see how a tornado is formed, which the public will be able to recreate through a smoke generator and a number of fans.

Moreover, from 27th October to May 2008, the Science Museum has organised a cycle of activities on climate change, free of charge following prior registration, which includes conferences, day conferences and coffee talks aimed at dealing with the most outstanding aspects of this problem.