The Museum hosts the exhibition: 'Shattered dreams: caught in a vicious circle in Colombia'

Aug 24, 2007

From today, the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is hosting the exhibition: “Shattered dreams: caught in a vicious circle in Colombia”, an exhibition mounted by the international, medical-humanitarian organisation, Médicos Sin Fronteras (MSF). The exhibition shows, through a collection of images, children's drawings and audiovisual testimonies, the effects that the conflict experienced by this South American country is having on the mental and physical health of the civilian population.  
The Museum hosts the exhibition: 'Shattered dreams: caught in a vicious circle in Colombia' This exhibition, open in the Side Street of the museum until 25th September, was officially opened today by the general manager of the Principe Felipe Science Museum, Manuel Toharia, together with the MSF delegate of MSF in the Comunidad Valenciana, Vicente Moros, and the head of the MSF press office for Latin America, Javier Sancho.

Manuel Toharia stressed that this exhibition “is about how the Colombian dream of a better way of life is being lost due to violence, wars, bloodshed, etc.“, “ a symbol – he added- of the evil existing in this world and which lets us see the current social reality and things we are unaware of”.

For the manager of the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, hosting this exhibition “is a way of collaborating on improving health and denouncing the lack of human rights existing in the world”.

For his part, Javier Sancho explained that the exhibition provides the opportunity to reveal a little of the Colombian reality through the work of great photographers” at the same time as “allowing us to see and become aware of the suffering of the Colombian people”.

A tour round the exhibition

“Shattered dreams: caught in a vicious circle in Colombia” includes the photographs of Jesús Abad Colorado (Colombia), Dana Lixenberg (Holland/U.S.A) and Stephan Vanfleteren (Belgium), and the documentary “Errantes” (Wanderers), by the photographer and director Juan Carlos Tomasi. The latter provides visual tour that shows close-up the living conditions of civilians under the constant threat of violence, the misery of moving to urban areas and the challenge of starting again from nothing.

Moreover, the exhibition includes written testimonies and children's drawings that go beyond the images and help us to understand the fears that destroy the dreams of the victims of the conflict.

The exhibition will be complimented by the showing of two documentary films on 25th September at 6:30 p.m. in the Museum’s Multi-Purpose Hall. One is “La voz de las piedras” (The Voice of Stones) by Javier Corcuera and the other is the above-mentioned “Errantes” (Wanderers). These will be followed by a round-table conference at which Vicente Moros, Joan Tubau, head of the MSF Spain mission in Colombia, and Erika Montalvo, correspondent in Spain for Caracol Radio and El Espectador, will talk about the humanitarian consequences of the Colombian conflict, the difficulties of providing medical care to victims and the role of the media in the crisis.