The Hemisfèric proposes a journey along the widest river in the world

Sep 30, 2010

The IMAX “Amazon” film joins the programme tomorrow
The Hemisfèric proposes a journey along the widest river in the world To coincide with International Biodiversity Year, the Hemisfèric of the City of Arts and Sciences includes in its programme as from tomorrow the IMAX “Amazon” film”, which gives viewers a closer look at its extraordinary biological richness and its insects, fishes, and plants, together with the inhabitants of the widest river in the world.

The Amazon Basin extends over almost half the surface area of South America to include most of Brazil and parts of Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia. In this production the audience accompanies two medicine men on a common mission to search out the medicinal qualities of the over 60,000 plant species that live on the banks of the Amazon.

The journey will follow a route through the Amazon from the river’s source in the Andes. Viewers will cross the tropical South American forests and get to know a wide range of exotic animals, such as the jaguar, the tapir, the piranha, and the pink river dolphin. They will also discover the way of life of the tribes of the area, such as the Zöe.

“Amazon”, which incorporates a message of conservation and respect for the environment, will be shown from Thursday to Sunday at 11:00 hours; on Monday and Wednesday at 12:00 hours; from Monday to Sunday at 17:00 hours; and from Friday to Sunday at 20:00 hours. It thus joins the remainder of the films of the Hemisfèric: “Arabia”, “Magic journey to Africa”, “Dinosaurs Alive”, “Animalopolis”, and “The Mystery of the Nile”, as well as the “Evolution” planetarium.