The Hemisfèric (IMAX and Full Dome) premieres the IMAX film "Hubble" in Spain

Nov 25, 2010

As of next Thursday 2nd December
The Hemisfèric (IMAX and Full Dome) premieres the IMAX film As of next Thursday 2nd December, the City of Arts and Sciences’ Hemisfèric will be showing the IMAX film “Hubble", a film made in collaboration with NASA that documents the STS-125 mission of the shuttle Atlantis, which aimed to carry out a series of jobs to improve the Hubble space telescope.

There were cameras on board Atlantis to record the five spacewalks made by astronauts, which enabled impressive shots of the work to be taken. The same space shuttle crew was trained to use these cameras, so they were the ones responsible for filming this historic mission.

The film also combines different IMAX scenes with pictures taken by the Hubble telescope during the nearly 20 years that it has been our window into space. Thus, "Hubble" will allow the audience to travel through far-away galaxies and it takes a unique look at the telescope’s legacy, above all with respect to the effect it has had on how we see the universe and ourselves.

Furthermore, anyone visiting the "Zero Gravity" exhibition at the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, which has been set up in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), will also have the chance to see original parts that have been a part of this legendary space telescope.