The third year of 'L'Oceanogràfic Tuesdays' to be dedicated to polar seas

Nov 27, 2006

 The Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias tomorrow begins its third edition of “L’Oceanogràfic Tuesdays” with the conference “the Antarctic continent and its surrounding ocean, the last untouched parts of the planet”, to be given by the director of the French Polar Institute, Gérard Jugie. Coinciding with International Polar Year, this year’s cycle of conferences is dedicated entirely to the polar seas and their surroundings.
The third year of 'L'Oceanogràfic Tuesdays' to be dedicated to polar seas


International experts will tackle different issues related to the polar marine environment: biology and the behaviour of mammals in such hostile surroundings, the impact of climatic change in the Antarctic, as well as aspects of the main lines of research that, undertaken both in the marine environment and in its immediate surroundings, help us to understand how the planet works on a global scale and the imminent dangers.

Additionally, the talks will be accompanied by a wide programme of parallel activities. Outstanding among them are those dedicated to corals, plankton, or the relationship between the sea and mathematics, as well as the showing of the animated film “De profundis” with the soundtrack interpreted live by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the University of Valencia or documentaries such as “The Emperor’s March”.

Following the first talk, to be give on Tuesday 28th November, the next one will be on 12th December with the conferences “Spanish Polar Research, Spanish Contribution to the International Polar Year”, given by Margarita Yela, manager of the National Polar Research Sub-Programme and president of the Committee, and “The International Polar Year: History, Meaning and Aims” given by Jerónimo López, President of the National Committee of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research and member of the Joint Committee of the International Polar Year.

”Ocean-atmosphere interaction” , given by Carlos Duarte of the CSIC / Institut Mediterrani d’Estudis Avançats, and “Glacial withdrawal in the Antarctic and Arctic” by Francisco Navarro of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, will be the focus of the conferences for 19th December. Mike Fedak of the Sea Mammal Research Unit of the University of St Andrews will speak on the exploration of polar seas on 16th January. The evolution of life in the oceans will be the main theme of the conference arranged for 18th January to be given by Lynn Margullis, Doctor of Genetics at the University of California, University Professor of Biology at the University of Boston and current professor in the Geosciences Department at the University of Massachusetts.

The cycle will continue on 20th February with a talk on the biological communities of the marine platforms of the high Antarctic in the presence of the conference speaker Josep Maria Gili from the Mediterranean Centre for Marine and Environmental Research / CSIC, and the conference “The destruction of the ozone layer in polar regions”, by Margarita Yela of the National Institute of Aerospacial Technique. On 13th March, Andrew Clark of the British Antarctic Survey of Cambridge will speak on the impact of climate change in the Antarctic.

The vegetable communities of the Antarctic and non-marine aquatic ecosystems of the Antarctic are the themes planned for the conferences of 3rd April, to be given by Leopoldo García Sancho of the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and Antonio Quesada of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, respectively. On 24th April, Jerónimo López of the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid and Miquel Canals of the Universidad de Barcelona, will talk on the geological evolution and active processes in the Antarctic and glacial imprints on the ocean bed.

The following date will be 15th May with the conferences “Sedimentary Record of Glacier Development of the Antarctic and its Relationship with the Climatic Evolution and Changes in Sea Level”. To be given by Carlota Escutia of the Andalusian Earth Sciences Institute, and “Vulcanismo and Seismism on Deception Isle”, given by Jesús Ibáñez of the Andalusian Geophysics Institute. The last conference of this edition, on 12th June, will bring together Andrés Barbosa of CSIC / Arid Zones Experimental Station and Carlos Pedros-Alio of the Mediterranean Centre for Marine and Environmental Research / CSIC, who will speak on climate change in the Antarctic and its effects on penguins and microbial life in the freezing areas of the Earth, respectively. All the conferences will take place in the Oceanogràfic’s Mar Rojo Auditorium from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.