Enjoy the two full moons in August in the 'Oceanogràfic Nights'

Aug 1, 2012

Until August 31, Oceanogràfic also open from 20 to 24 hours
Enjoy the two full moons in August in the 'Oceanogràfic Nights'

Until August 31, a new edition of "Oceanogràfic Nights". Visitors can tour the facilities at a different time than usual, as well as take in a night show at the Dolphinarium with synchronized swimming, music, percussion and lighting.

A mixture of music, light and Dolphin acrobatics that highlights the importance of respecting the environment. Under the title "Seven seas, six continents, one world", the show tells the story of a journey undertaken by sea nymphs who, faced by mankind’s effect on the sea's resources, travel the six continents to convince humans and raise awareness of the need to protect the riches of the seas. The nymphs are accompanied in these missions by dolphins.

The Oceanogràfic will be open until August 31 from 10 a.m. to midnight, so allowing visitors to tour the Oceanogràfic City of Arts and Sciences at a different time than usual during the summer, and visit the facilities that house species such as sharks, seals, walruses and beluga whales, among many others.