The Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències offers discounts to students and live experiments by video-conference for the new school year

Oct 5, 2020

- Until 12 March 2021, there is a special offer on tickets from 3 euros for school groups - This year the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències travels to primary schools with 'Science on Stage' and the workshop spaces of the Oceanogràfic
Uno de los experimentos en directo de 'Ciencia a Escena' en el Museu de les Ciències

The Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències offers special discounts for the new school year for school groups, with tickets priced even lower than usual for this group.

In this way, from 1 October to 12 March 2021, school groups have tickets priced from 3 euros per person to visit the Museu or see a film in the planetarium, and even be admitted to the Oceanogràfic for 15 euros, among other options.

This year, as well, 'Science on Stage' travels to elementary schools both physically and on line. The instructors will do personalised workshops live so that the education centres do not have to travel. The offer to 'Connect live with Science on Stage' is one of the new items in the educational programme.

It is a way for scientific workshops to be carried out via video-conference that allows schools to enjoy the experiments in their own classrooms, while the teaching staff performs the demonstrations in the Museu and interacts with the students.

As far as new content, the first floor of the Museu hosts the exhibition 'Play. Science and music' and the renovated Science Theatre. The display 'Play. Science and music' is an interactive exhibition that invites visitors to 'play' music through science with various multimedia experiences. In the 'Science Theatre' school groups will enjoy the 'High voltage' show and the famous Tesla coil in action.

The Hemisfèric's live planetaria adapted to every educational level (from pre-school to high school and training courses), visits to the Oceanogràfic and the experiments of 'Science on Stage' (which can be attended in special rooms in the Museu itself, by video-conference or with demonstrations in the education centre itself) stand out in the educational programme.

The Oceanogràfic travels to your school

The biggest news this autumn from the largest aquarium in Europe is the offer 'The Oceanogràfic travels to your school' for 2020-21, in which the Education Department seeks to provide service with complementary educational tools for those schools which, due to the extraordinary measures related to COVID-19, cannot carry out the usual extra-curricular outings.

The programme is made up of educational activities based on material and teaching resources like biological samples and examples of marine debris, digital resources, explanatory videos with educational and care-taking personnel from the Oceanogràfic about the management and maintenance of the biological collection and research that is carried out every day at the Oceanogràfic.

The educational offering is aimed at students in pre-school and primary, secondary and high school, and adds to that which is going to be performed in the facilities of the Oceanográfic itself, also with innovative new activities.

Teacher support

Support for teachers is another of our priorities. The Special Education and Science Programme (CIENCIAPEC) makes the educational programme available to teachers and students. Schools can sign up on the redesigned web devoted to the educational programme, (click here) to see the courses and special sessions that have been organised for teachers (teachers' day).

They also have access to complete 'online' educational material (suggested itineraries, guides, worksheets, games etc.) both for preparing the visit and to reinforce what was learnt after the outing.