¿Dolphins¿, new IMAX film at L´Hemisfèric from the 16th September

Aug 29, 2005

From the 16th September, L’Hemisfèric at the City of Arts and Sciences is including the IMAX film “Dolphins” into its Schedule. Nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Documentary, it narrates the journey from the Bahamas to Argentine Patagonia of a team of researchers studying the communication and social behaviour of dolphins. L´Hemisfèric is also renewing its programme with the live planetarium show it has produced “The New Star”, aimed at young audiences.
¿Dolphins¿, new IMAX film at L´Hemisfèric from the 16th September

With songs and music by Sting, “Dolphins” submerges the viewer into the world of the sea, giving an insight into the physiology, habitat, behaviour and communication of these marine mammals. On the 900 square metre screen of L’Hemisfèric, it gives the audience an opportunity to watch their speedy movements, leaps into the air and their swimming skills.
From the crystal waters of the Caribbean to the Atlantic coastlines, the film takes us into the world of dolphins and to the work done by these researchers, reflecting the necessity of preserving the health of the world’s oceans and its marine life. “Dolphins” manages to capture the unique beauty of two distinct environments, the meticulous work and isolation of these researchers as they study the echolocation and intelligence of this species.
“The New Star” is the planetarium show produced by the City of Arts and Sciences and offered to children. This is a new interactive show by which children will learn to observe the night sky. It includes a presenter who teaches them about phenomena such as the movement of stars or how to locate the Pole Star, through games and riddles.