DISCOVER the Humboldt penguins OF THE oCEANOGRÀFIC at 'Penguin Encounter'

Aug 23, 2012

'Trainer for a day', 'Sleep with sharks' and 'Visit the other side of the aquarium' proposals of the Oceanogràfic this summer
DISCOVER the Humboldt penguins OF THE oCEANOGRÀFIC at 'Penguin Encounter'

In the installations of the Oceanogràfic aquarium, the public passes through the different oceans of the world, getting to know animals such as, beluga whales, walruses, penguins, sharks, sea lions, seals or starfish.

Also, there are activities for the visitor so that they can get to know the seas and their inhabitants better. Among other activities, youngsters can experience a night of adventure with friends, family or schoolmates by "Sleeping with Sharks". Here, from 8 p.m. till 10 a.m. participants enjoy a dinner in the park and take part in a gymkhana or workshop, before spending the night surrounded by sharks in the ‘Oceans Tower’, the largest aquarium in the Oceanogràfic. This is an opportunity aimed at schools as well as groups of friends made up of youngsters and family members who wish to experience a quite unique night. On the following day they can visit the rest of the installations and aquariums in the park. The offer also includes the option of enjoying all the interactive exhibitions of the Science Museum and enjoying one of the large format or 3D films at the Hemisfèric.

Every day at ‘Penguin Encounter", all the secrets of Humboldt penguins are revealed while participants feed the penguins and learn all about the characteristics of this species.

You can also get an "Animalia passport" and go together as a family to the world of the dolphins and sea lions. Every weekend you can find out at first hand the answer to questions such as where sea lions live, or what dolphins eat. Accompanied by the animal carers, you will discover all the secrets of these animals.

'Sleep with sharks' and "Visit the other side of the aquarium" are other proposals of the Oceanogràfic for this summer.