Top Sailing! A new exhibition at the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum

Dec 28, 2006

The Science Museum has, this Christmas, included an interactive exhibition within the provision of scientific and cultural events normally held on this site. This is “Top Sailing”, which, directly linked with the holding of the 32nd America’s Cup in Valencia next year, takes the wind, the sea and navigation as its main themes.
Top Sailing! A new exhibition at the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum


Produced and designed by the Science Museum itself, with a multidisciplinary and educational content, this new exhibition aims to arouse public interest in navigation. The basic idea is to make the sailing world more accessible to the public and show how it has developed due to two factors: the wind and the sea.

The exhibition consists of two parts: the first is the “Spanish Challenge”, and the second brings together the most representative aspects of each of the main themes on which the exhibition is based (wind-sea-navigation). Navigation is the focal point of the wind and sea, the America’s Cup featuring strongly as an example of navigation.

Displayed in the Science Museum’s Main Street is the Spanish Challenge 2007, the first of the boats used in training for the America’s Cup. The boat, of 32 metres in height, is one of the three boats, along with all its technical material, that was purchased from the United States team One World Challenge, that competed in the previous New Zealand America’s Cup. The measurements are the same as those of the competition boat, the ESP-88.

The exhibition, all of which is in distributed between the main Street and the first floor of the Museum, consists of three thematic blocks: the sea, the wind and navigation. Each of these areas is formed by a series of interactive modules in accordance with the theme in question, as well as computer programmes, audiovisual materials, showcases, real parts, scale-models and graphic panels, as the main items.

An outstanding module within the exhibition is that of the competition sailing simulator developed jointly by Mediclab-UPV, which enables the user to simulate a regatta between two boats, each boat with a crew of three. Additionally, as a complement to the exhibition, there is a programme of workshops and animations.