50th Anniversary of Severo Ochoa's Nobel Prize

Dec 11, 2009

50th Anniversary of Severo Ochoa's Nobel Prize

The City of Arts and Sciences is today launching a special programme of activities to pay homage to the scientist Severo Ochoa, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine 50 years ago.

The Science Director of this knowledge dissemination centre, Manuel Toharia, explained to the schoolchildren who were visiting the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum the importance of the research and the scientific work of this great researcher, whose legacy has been in the care of the Príncipe Felipe since the year 2000 and can now be seen in the exhibition “The Legacy of Science”.

The exhibition also includes a look at the life and research work of two other Nobel Prize winners: Santiago Ramón y Cajal and Jean Dausset. From today, there is also a panel with the original speech given by Severo Ochoa on the day that he received the Nobel Prize.

Members of the public visiting the Museum this weekend will be able to attend the “DNA Workshop” on the Calle Mayor: a live show that aims to give a dynamic artistic representation of the DNA molecule, giving visitors and introduction to the basic concepts of its structure and functions. Another of the activities that have been planned is the showing in the Multipurpose Hall of the television series that, in two episodes, covers the life and career of the scientist from Asturias, Severo Ochoa.