News 2007

Dec 25, 2007

The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum hosts the exhibition "The Science of Spying"

The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum hosts the Science of Spying exhibition until April 1st 2008. Children are invited to become spies for the day, to learn about their investigation and surveillance techniques and to even fight a secret organisation.


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Dec 21, 2007

The Cure start their Spanish tour on 5th March at the City of Arts and Sciences as part of the MTV Winter concert

“The Cure” will head the list of singers in the first edition of MTV Winter concert, to be held on 5th March 2008 at the City of Arts and Sciences. It will be the first concert of the British band in their Spanish tour. Admission to the Valencia concert will be free of charge.


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Dec 19, 2007

The Science Museum introduces the exhibition: "Climate Change. Questions and Answers"

The general director for Climate Change, Jorge Lamparero, and the director of Social Works at Caixa Catalunya, Miquel Perdiguer, today inaugurated the exhibition “Climate Change. Questions and Answers,” created by Caixa Catalunya Obra Social - Fundació Territori i Paisatge (Foundation for Territory and Landscape), which will remain in the Science Museum until 1st April 2008.


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Dec 14, 2007

The Simpsons, snowboard & sledge slopes, story telling, workshops and theatre in the City of Arts and Sciences

The City of Arts and Sciences has programmed a series of special activities for the Christmas period that includes a wide range of leisure ideas such as workshops, story telling, snowboard and sledge slopes, an area dedicated to Formula 1, the presentation of Laura Gallego’s latest book with the author in person, a party based on the famous character Tintin, and the Oceanographic Park will be run along the theme of the Simpsons’ famous hometown, Springfield.


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Dec 11, 2007

Toharia emphasises the Science Museum´s "special sensitivity" to spreading knowledge about action against climate change

The director of the Science Museum, Manuel Toharia, today expressed his “great satisfaction” at the announcement made yesterday by the President of the Generalitat (Valencian Regional Government), Francisco Camps, making the Museum the management centre for the new R & D technological park against climate change. Toharia considered this to be “a positive challenge and a great sign of confidence in the work carried out in the City of Arts and Sciences, where we also have a special sensitivity towards educating society in what must be known and done to alleviate climate change”.


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Dec 7, 2007

"Tu Regalo" ("Your Gift") Card from the City of Arts and Sciences, the perfect gift for this Christmas

The City of Arts and Sciences is also offering the “Tu Regalo” card over the Christmas season to give friends and relatives the gift of a visit to the Prince Felipe Science Museum, the Hemisfèric and the Oceanographic Park on any day of the year.


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Dec 5, 2007

Jorge Vela: "We are putting on a quality presentation for the general public to celebrate this time of year in the City of Arts and Sciences"

The general director of the City of Arts and Sciences, Jorge Vela, accompanied by the director of the Science Museum, Manuel Toharia, and the Director of the Oceanographic Park, Pablo Areitio, today presented the special programme that the educational centre has prepared for the Christmas festive season.


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Nov 30, 2007

The Oceanographic Park organizes the first course in endoscopy applied to marine mammals

The Oceanographic Park of the City of Arts and Sciences has organised the first course in endoscopy applied to marine mammals. This will bring together the most important specialists in the technique and will show the future possibilities that endoscopy provides as a diagnostic and therapeutic method.


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Nov 21, 2007

Arca del Mar, the Oceanográfico´s new facility for treating turtles and dolphins

The Valencia Region today has the most up-to-date facilities in Spain for caring for turtles and dolphins, claimed the Regional Minister for the Environment, Water, Urban Planning and Housing, José Ramón García Antón, during the presentation of this new centre in the L’Oceanogràfic. He also added that this “represents, without a doubt, a landmark in the conservation of these threatened species of the Mediterranean”.


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Nov 20, 2007

The Hemisfèric shows off its new digital projection system for the first time with three new films

The Hemisfèric of the City of Arts and Sciences will, tomorrow, be employing its new digital projection system for the first time on its full dome. Its programme will, therefore, be enriched as it now has two different projection systems for its 900 square metre concave screen: cinema in Imax dome grand format and the new digital projections.


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Nov 19, 2007

Experts to present new technology applications for dealing with gender violence

The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is to host a symposium entitled “Gender Violence and New Technologies” on 26th November to coincide with International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women that will show how new technology applications can be used in tackling ill treatment.


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Nov 16, 2007

El centro Escuelas Pías San Joaquín de Valencia disfrutan con la actividad "Dormir con Tiburones"

Un total de 35 alumnos de quinto de primaria de Escuelas Pías San Joaquín de Valencia han pasado la noche en la torre de Océanos del Oceanográfico y conciliado el sueño rodeados de tiburones. El centro escolar resultó ganador del sorteo que la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias organizó para disfrutar de la actividad "Dormir con tiburones"
entre todos los colegios que visitaron el complejo durante el curso 2006-2007"

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Nov 15, 2007

Science Museum to host the exhibition "Climate Change. Questions and Answers" from December

The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is, from 19th December, to host the exhibition entitled “Climate Change. Questions and Answers”, organised by the Fundació Territori i Paisatge de la Obra Social de Caixa Catalunya , which seeks to respond, in a clear and direct way, to public concern on this issue.


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Nov 10, 2007

The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum celebrates its 7th anniversary with an open day conference

The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is, next Tuesday 13th November, to celebrate its seventh anniversary. Entrance to its installations will, as a result, be free of charge. The second of the City of Arts and Sciences’ buildings to be opened to the public, it was built with the aim of arousing curiosity and the critical spirit by endeavouring to surprise and delight the public through the contents that it provides.


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Nov 9, 2007

The Oceanográfico puts on an exhibition on the ecological importance of coral

The Oceanográfic of the City of Arts and Sciences is hosting, until 31st March 2008, an exhibition entitled “Corals, architects of the ocean”, in which, by means of graphic items and pieces of coral, it aims to raise awareness on the biological universe that gave rise to this zoological species, as well as the important role that corals play from an ecological view in ocean dynamics.



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Nov 4, 2007

International experts to discuss scientific advances in Reproductive Medicine

From 8th to 10th November, the Principe Felipe Science Museum will be holding an International Symposium on Reproductive Medicine at which 200 doctors and researchers from all over the world will be discussing applied research in this field. This meeting has been organised by the Santiago Grisolía Chair of the City of Arts and Sciences Foundation in collaboration with the Valencia Infertility Institute.


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Nov 1, 2007

The City of Arts holds it´s Science Week

The City of Arts and Sciences is hosting a programme of scientific awareness raising activities to celebrate Science Week 2007, a European initiative that seeks to bring Science closer to society and which, in the Valencia Region, is coordinated through the City of Arts and Sciences Foundation.


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Oct 27, 2007

Oceanográfico takes part in the 34th World Festival of Underwater Images

The City of Arts and sciences’ Oceanográfico is taking part from last Wednesday, 24th October, in the 34th holding of the World festival of Underwater Images, which is held in the French city of Antibes and is regarded as the leader among the main events held of similar characteristics.


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Oct 26, 2007

Twinning of the City of Arts and Sciences with the Library of Alexandria

The Regional Secretary for Education, Concha Gómez, encourages children to “accept science, as this is how to change the future. Science is very important because it changes the world and we all have to understand the role that it has played”.

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Oct 25, 2007

Villanueva underlines the Oceanográfico´s support to research and environmental conservation

The general manager for Project Coordination, José Luis Villanueva, today stressed that the Oceanográfico of the City of Arts and Sciences “constitutes not only an entertainment centre but also a place which raises awareness on environmental conservation through educational activities and research”.


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