General rules of the City of Arts ad Sciences


  1. Ticket must be kept all times during your visit.
  2. Instructions from staff must be followed during your visit in our facilities.
  3. Visitors shall enter and leave the buildings through the designated gates, avoiding the use of emergency exits. These exits are for emergency use only.
  4. No food or drink consumption is allowed outside the designated areas.
  5. No pets are allowed except for properly harnessed guide dogs.
  6. Bathing in the lakes is not allowed.
  7. No photography or recording for professional use is allowed in our facilities without prior written consent of the organization.
  8. Tickets are not refundable except in the case of cancellation or disagreement with the change of an event.
  9. The organization is not responsible for the loss of property in our facilities.
  10. The organization reserves the right to modify the activities, films or exhibitions programme.
  11. The organization will take photographies to visitors who required it. These photographies are souvenirs and are destroyed everyday at the building closing time.
  12. Overnight parking is not allowed.
  13. General rules for all the buildings must be fulfilled