The City of Arts and Sciences presents a distinct and unique range of cultural products within a unique architectural spot.
This has the ability to communicate different types of products to different audiences, adapting to the needs of the target of your company:

  • Infant and juvenile
  • Family
  • Elderly public
  • Professional groups

To collaborate and actively participate with the City of Arts and Sciences brings significant prestige and recognition.

Sponsorship of contents and activities

Both the mainland and content, as well as activities performed in each of its venues, become products that can be sponsored.

The City of Arts and Sciences is characterized by its versatility of content from digital projections or movies in IMAX DOME format in Hemisfèric, to exhibitions of scientific or technological nature of the Museum of Sciences Prince Felipe, from the representation, through aquariums of all marine ecosystems Oceanographic.

We offer a wide range of possibilities when of performing joint actions through sponsorship or partnership shares, since there are different formulas for companies to establish trade links with City of Arts and Sciences.