Planning your visit

Scheduled visits, with children and / or adults, guided tours ...

Combined tickets

At the City of Arts and Sciences you have a choice to visit the precinct with a number of Combined tickets:

  • You can visit all the premises and their contents with a single ticket: the Science Museum, the Hemispheric Cinema and the Oceanographic Park.
  • The combined ticket gives access to two of the sites, as per your interest and taste: Museum+ Hemisfèric film, Oceanographic Park + Museum, or Oceanographic Park+Hemisfèric film

Visit lengths

  • One day visits: The visit to the entire complex can be done in a single day, but to enjoy a more relaxed visit we suggest to take two or three days.
  • 2 or 3 day visits: the three sites can be visited in one, two or three days, consecutive; visiting the same site twice is not possible.


Little ones have different recreational choices at the City of Arts and Sciences. At the Museum's "Children's Area (l'Espai dels xiquets)" visitors experiment with their senses, water, the animal world, and they build their own home; all this without any extra costs to the Museum ticket. It is a dedicated area, exclusively for children aged 3-8, where they can play and experiment under supervision by specialised instructors. It is completed by nearby exhibition modul: "Welcome to life" is a macro-incubator in which chicks come out of their eggs every 10 minutes. 

At the Oceanographic Park, children can see the species in the aquariums and the dolphins at the largest Dolphinarium in Europe. The exhibitions are equipped with explanatory panels which describe to children, in their own language and handwriting, the ecosystems displayed and their dwellers. Among other proposals, Mediterranean, allows children to really feel the waves at the wave breaker: children enter the aquarium through a tunnel protected by an acrylic bell. They can see for themselves how waves break and feel the water hitting the rocky cliffs and the strong turbulence. And the youngest children will love "Animalia Passport"a guided tour to learn about dolphins and sea lions, or the activity "Sleeping with Sharks"

And, at the Umbracle, they will be able to enjoy Garden of Astronomy a open-access area within the Umbracle that complements other astronomy-related elements and activities of the City of Arts and Sciences. By means of models, interpretive panels and hands-on, interactive astronomical instruments, the City of Arts and Sciences presents the basic principles of astronomy, familiar to scientists since antiquity.

Senior citizens

Room is also made for senior citizens at the City of Arts and Sciences. Watching a film at the Hemisfèric,attending one of the sessions of Science on Stage at the Science Museum or visiting the exhibitions in the Museum, are just some ideas for a great day.

Guided visits

Would you like to know the secrets of the Science MuseumClick on this link to know the different types of guided tours that we offer.

Umbracle's parking

  • From Monday to Sunday: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight.
  • Rates for cars and coaches: charge for actual time 2,30 €/h. Maximum cost 24 €/day. PARKING PROMOTION. 7 € /day. Park in the Umbracle for only 7 €/day with the purchase of any ticket entry of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències. Ask for the promotional ticket in our ticket desks (Museu or Hemisfèric) when you make your purchase. Promotion valid until 12:00 midnight. Car parking after this time, does not enter in the promotion. Check the schedule during the Christmas period. Only valid for cars and motorcycles. Night parking is not allowed.

Club City of Arts and Sciences

Would you like to visit the City of Arts and Sciences as many times of as you want? Or visit some of its areas: the Science Museum and the Hemispheric Cinema, or the Oceanographic Park? The club ticket to the City of Arts and Sciences opens the door to a unique place.