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Learn about the history of the creation of Earth and witness one of the most impressive spectacles of nature together with National Geographic photographer Carsten Peter  

Year: 2018
Director: Michael Dalton-Smith
Length: 42 minutes
Rating: Rated 'G' for General Audiences
Languages: Spanish, Valencian, English and French

The first volcanoes on Earth appeared 4,500 million years ago. Massive volcanic eruptions gave rise to the first islands and continents during this intensive phase. Life began to gain a firm foothold and flourish in these volcanic landscapes, creating the first ecosystems on our planet. The IMAX film “Volcanoes” explores the contribution the most spectacular volcanoes made in forming early habitats, and explains how they continue to affect the present.

With more than 500 active volcanoes, Earth bursts at the seams with these forces of “massive construction”. Learn about the effects they have on past and present populations, and enjoy one of the most impressive spectacles of nature with the National Geographic photographer Carsten Peter.

Dodge the rocks at the edge of an active volcano in Indonesia with him, descend to a lake of lava in Vanuatu and visit incredible acid pools, geysers and fields of mineral deposits in Ethiopia. Travel throughout the world to see the phantom city of Pompeii, the hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the ocean and see first-hand the devastating effects of the eruption of Kilauea on Hawaii in 2018.

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