Journey to space. Next stop: Mars

Discover the most important missions of the space race which will allow, in the future, for asteroids to be captured and for us to land on the surface of Mars. 
Journey to space. Next stop: Mars

Year: 2015
Director: Mark Krenzien
Length: 40 Minutes
Rating: Rated 'G' for General Audiences
Language: Spanish, Valencian, English and Italian

The IMAX Film “Journey to Space. Next Stop: Mars” shows you the exciting current plans and challenges that NASA and the space industry have in store in order to undertake future missions, like landing astronauts on Mars or capturing asteroids.

Discover the contributions made by the space shuttle program and its 135 missions – contributions which are currently helping to advance the future missions discussed in the film. Observe breathtaking images of space and unique views of the Earth, discover how the Hubble Space Telescope is repaired, and learn more about how the International Space Station (ISS) was transported. Happy flying!

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