Turtles 3D + The Little Prince 3D

Finished event

A Turtle’s Tale 3D and The Little Prince 3D, two 3D-animated children’s features that will be shown in a double-bill.
Turtles 3D + The Little Prince 3D

Year: Turtle 3D (2009) + The Little Prince 3D (2010)
Produced by nWave Pictures
Rating: suitable for all

Turtle Vision 3D

The little turtle Sammy passes coral reefs and frozen waters in a marvellous voyage through the planet’s oceans. Will he be prepared to tackle the dangers that arise when he meets humans? A friendly octopus and a lovable whale accompany him on his adventures.

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The Little Prince 3D
The Little Prince, tireless, continues his search for his beloved rose. Accompanied by his entertaining friend, the Fox, this time he stops off on the planet of music, where they awake a friendly stone giant and fight against a ferocious dragon with metal claws. Let your imagination soar!

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Screen size: 12 x 6 m approx

Spanish,  French and English.