Backyard Wilderness. Nature hidden in your backyard

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The wonders of nature are not restricted to exotic places. Take a look around you and be amazed by everything you find.
Backyard Wilderness. Nature hidden in your backyard

Year: 2018
Directors: Andrew Young and Susan Todd
Length: 45 minutes
Rating: Rated 'G' for General Audiences
Languages: Spanish, Valencian, English, and Italian. 

A lot of nature documentaries present viewers with exotic creatures in distant lands. But, what about the nature that surrounds us daily? With the IMAX movie “Backyard Wilderness,” you'll discover that the nature we have in our backyard is equally as marvelous and fascinating.

This film, which covers all the seasons during one year around a house, showcases an impressive variety of wildlife images and behaviors thanks to cameras that are installed in the forest, inside caves, nests, and at the bottom of a pond to reveal, in a remarkable way, the most intimate details of the animals that dwell there.

Through this film, you’ll get to know Katie and her family, who live next to a forest and are oblivious to the natural wonders that are all around them, absorbed by their electronic devices. You’ll take the journey with them as they discover the secrets hidden by nature right in their backyard, and you'll experience the joy that they feel when they come into contact with this new world.

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