A film that takes the audience right to the depths of this exotic and fascinating land on an adventure that most people will never be able to experience for themselves.
Arabia Year: 2010
Produced by: MacGillyvray Freeman Films
Length: 45 minutes
Category: suitable for all audiences

"Arabia" tells the story of a young Arab brought up in Chicago who decides to return to the homeland of his parents. On his journey, he discovers that is inheriting an extraordinary culture.

Through these IMAX images, the audience will discover the lost city of Madain Saleh and explore its ancient tombs, travel with a caravan of camels along the spice route and enjoy the warmth of a Bedouin tent. Viewers will also travel to the Islamic Golden Age, where science and Arab erudition blossomed; they will survive a desert sandstorm; they can dive the coral reefs of the Red Sea and discover ancient shipwrecks. They will even have the unique opportunity to join the Hajj pilgrimage which each year brings more than 3 million Muslims to the holy city of Mecca where they will reaffirm their faith.