Apollo 11. First Steps Edition

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Experience, with the help of original images, the preparation, liftoff, landing, and return of one of the greatest achievements of mankind: the trip to the Moon.
Apollo 11. First Steps Edition

Year: 2019
Director: Todd Douglas Miller
Length: 47 minutes
Rating: Rated 'G' for General Audiences
Languages: Room sound in Spanish with the possibility of choosing a language through the Personalized Listening System in Valencian, English and French

The film "Apollo 11: First Steps Edition" tells the story of the first steps taken by man on the Moon through original, never-before-seen images of this special mission carried out between July 16th and 24th of 1969.  The movie combines well-known materials with treasures that were lost for some time and later rediscovered in a National Archives warehouse, and said images have been digitally remastered for the first time since their discovery. The only narration that film has is that of the period: viewers are guided by the voice of the late CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite and the radio exchanges between the astronauts and Houston, all of which has been set to the images. 

The cameras located at Cape Canaveral captured the most important moments of the ship's liftoff. Those images, combined with the scenes filmed inside the rocket ship itself, offer an intimate glimpse into the feelings experienced by the astronauts during their mission. Join Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins –as well as Mission Control and the millions of spectators from around the world– to relive those momentous days of 1969 when mankind took a giant leap towards the future. 

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