Walking with dinosaurs: prehistoric planet 3D

Travel to the Alaska of the Cretaceous and experience the incredible adventures of two great herbivore dinosaurs.
Walking with dinosaurs: prehistoric planet 3D

Year: 2016
Directed by: Richard Dale, Barry Cook and Neil Nightingale
Duration: 40 minutes
Certified: Parental Guidance Suggested
Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch 
Narration written by Richard Dale
Language: Spanish, Valencian, English and French

Our main characters are a herd of large, frilled, plant eating dinosaurs – Pachyrhinosaurus. The film follows their youngsters through the seasons and the challenges of growing up and establishing themselves in this prehistoric world. From the moment they hatch, they face predators, extremes of weather and natural disaster as they fight for survival.

Walking with Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Planet 3D is an immersive 3D experience – the characters are animated throughout against real backgrounds. It’s the most authentic dinosaur experience ever to be seen on the giant screen. The animals’ bodies and movements have been precisely built up from fossil evidence and their behaviour is derived from both palaeontology and detailed knowledge of the behaviour of modern animals. Even their body language has been inspired by what we know of real animal behaviour and gives these creatures an amazing realism.

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