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Discover the Hemisfèric

The Hemisfèric was inaugurated in 1998 and was the first building in the City of Arts and Sciences to open its doors to the public. It is a spectacular construction designed by Santiago Calatrava, with an ovoid roof over 100 metres long that contains in its interior the large sphere that constitutes the projection room.

IMAX cinema and digital projections to feel adventures through spectacular images.

This is the largest hall in Spain to contain three systems projecting into a concave screen of 900 square metres:

  • Large-format cinema, IMAX Dome.
  • Digital 3D screen measures: rectangle about 16x8 meters.
  • Digital projections. Astronomical representations and entertainment shows. 


 Magnetic loop

Digital 3D

Digital 3D

The spectacular show of the digital projections with the maximum three-dimensional realism thanks to the magic of the active glasses 3D and the most modern technological developments. Screen measures: rectangle about 16x8 meters.

Large-format cinema

Large-format cinema

The seventh art in large format. The extraordinary sharpness and luminosity of the projections, together with the large size of the screen and the sound quality, help to create exceptional realism that integrates the spectator within the images.

Digital Projections

Digital Projections

The images cover the whole screen because they use a projection system made up of six Barco Galaxy projectors of 12,000 ANSI lumens each distributed on the perimeter of the screen; a Zeiss PowerDome graphic generator that allows the generation of digital content; and a Uniview display platform and astronomical simulator that reproduces the whole universe, as it has an extensive three-dimension astronomy database.

Exhibition catalogue of movie posters made on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Hemisfèric.

Access the catalogue in PDF

Hemisfèric is a remarkable and spectacular building designed by Santiago Calatrava that represents a huge human eye, the eye of wisdom. This symbolises the observation of the world that visitors discover by means of surprising audiovisual projections.



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Did you know that..


THE HEMISFERIC WAS THE FIRST BUILDING ...the Hemisfèric was the first building in the City of Arts and Sciences to open its doors in 1998?