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Discover the Ágora

This building has been conceived as a very versatile multifunctional space for holding different types of events.

The new icon of the City of Arts and Sciences is a versatile space that will allow the holding of varied events. A multi-functional setting has been planned for the staging of congresses, conventions, concerts, and performances; it can also be converted into an exhibition area. The Àgora is a metallic structure with a ground plan similar to a pointed ellipse, about 88 metres long by 66 metres wide. Its covered area is approximately 4,811 m2. This large indoor space is conceived as a covered, open plan public plaza at the level of the ponds and adjacent walkways.  The building is surrounded by two lakes that complement the space indoors.

L'Assut Esplanade: A new, completely open-plan, 12.000 square metre space.