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The sounds of the Oceanogràfic: from the chant of belugas to the dolphins' whistling sound

Listen to the sound of the Oceanogràfic

Touring the Oceanogràfic provides visitors with a snapshot of the main marine ecosystems in our planet. Extraordinary creatures take us to the unfathomable depths of the oceans. A visit to the Oceanogràfic is an amazing sound immersion into the whistling, chirping and chanting of animals such as belugas, dolphins or sea lions.

Why are belugas known as the the 'canaries of the sea'? Because they are the best 'singers' in the odontocete cetacean group. They have an entire repertoire of trilling and chirping sounds, coos and gurgles, clicks, shrieks and 'giggles' that can be heard both inside and outside the water, and even through the hull of boats.

These are some behaviour-related sounds recorded by the Research Department:

- Beluga interacting with trainers
- Beluga interacting with seals
- Beluga interacting with visitors
- Other beluga sounds: Sound 1, Sound 2, Sound 3, Sound 4.

The study of this 'language' is referred to as Bioacoustics. Now extended to the open sea, a bioacoustic project is underway at the Oceanogràfic.

he wide sound repertoire of dolphins is also striking:
- Dolphin sound 1, Oceanogràfic
- Dolphin sound 2, Oceanogràfic

And as we pass by the island of the sea lions, their roaring and rumbling announce that we are about to see some highly sociable and intelligent large animals. Here you can listen to some of the sounds of the Oceanogràfic sea lions: adult sea lions, sea lion pups, female sea lion, male sea lion.

Discover the sounds of the sea at the Oceanogràfic. Which one is your favourite sound?

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