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A trip in a submarine through the largest aquarium in Europa

Underwater trip

The Oceanogràfic of the City of Arts and Sciences invites us to discover a genuine marine park that includes representation of the main seas and oceans of the planet. With a surface area of 110,000 m2 and a volume of 42 million litres of water (equivalent to 15 Olympic swimming pools), it is the biggest aquarium in Europe.

Towers or installations

Installations map of the Oceanogràfic
  • Antarctic


    Representation of a rocky cliff with zones of putting and baby, and in whose plunged part is observed to swim almost without effort to a colony of penguins, with its graceful movements under the water. People look at  Papua penguins.

  • Botany


    The Oceanogràfic landscaped areas provide a pleasant environment and allow visitors to learn a variety of plants from different origins

  • Red Sea auditorium

    Red Sea auditorium

    This is the name of the grand hall covered by a roof in the form of a “pilgrim’s shell”.

  • Arctic


    The installation is a huge igloo-shaped dome that represents the Arctic zone, in which, true to these very cold latitude environments, the natural living conditions of the walruses and beluga whales are reproduced. The building recreates the environmental features of the arctic region through rocky cliffs in the case of the walruses and blocks of ice for the beluga whales.

  • Mediterranean


    Encircling the visitors within a ring of aquariums, The Mediterranean brings together nearly 7,400 specimens under one roof to pay homage to the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Oceans


    This is the largest tank in the Aquarium and one of the biggest in the world, with a volume of 7 million litres

  • Dolphinarium


    Enjoy the demonstrations of intelligence of the common dolphins, by means of an exhibition so surprising as educational, in one of the largest dolphinarium of the world. With a whole of five swimming pools, this installation can house a group of thirty dolphins.

  • Temperate and Tropical

    Temperate and Tropical

    This extraordinary building is the only one at Oceanogràfic which will combine indoor exhibits on the lower level with outdoor ones on the upper level. The Temperate and Tropical installation invites us to take a trip from the mild water oceanic regions to the warm waters of the tropics, through exhibitions connected by an amazing underwater tunnel of 70 metres in length, the largest in Europe.

  • Islands


    The marine lions are relatives of the seals. These animals have a great intelligence and sharm as well as his great skill under the water. This exhibit is placed in an outdoor one with temperature-controlled water.

  • Wetlands


    This open-air exhibit show two coastal wetlands which are typical of temperate and tropical zones: the marshland and the mangrove swamp.

  • ARCA del Mar and E+R Building

    ARCA del Mar and E+R Building


    Since opening in 2003, raising awareness, research and the development of programmes to contribute to the preservation of marine diversity have been a constant concern in the development of this the largest marine centre in Europe.

Educative talks:

A guided tour lasting some 15 minutes to groups of 30 people in the Wetland installations - consult timetables.

Bioeducative talks in the Arctic, Antarctic, Seal, Tropical, Dolphinarium, and Island installations. Consult the timetables at the Oceanogràfic information point on floor -1 of the Access Building.

Sample of Oceanogràfic's architecture


Opened on the 14 th February 2003, the largest marine complex in the whole of Europe is shown to the world as a unique space in the form of a journey through the seas and oceans of our planet to show visitors its most outstanding marine ecosystems.

Its avant-garde architecture, the arrangement of the various aquariums, and its scientific, leisure, and educational vocation make the marine world more accessible to visitors and make them aware of the need for protecting its fauna and flora.

  • Surface area of 110,000 square metres.
  • One of the largest dolphinariums in the world with 26 million cubic metres of water and a depth of 10.5 metres.
  • 6,761 square metres of methacrylate panels of up to 33 centimetres thick.
  • 150,000 cubic metres of concrete and 15,000 tons of steel.
  • Over 25 kilometres of piping with diameters ranging from 1.4 centimetres to 1.3 metres.

The Oceanogràfic is made up of different buildings that contain the most significant ecosystems representations of each planet's seas and oceans. A spectacular sphere 26 metres in height, this space simulates two of the most singular wetland areas on the planet: mangrove swamps and fens. A large dome by way of an igloo represents the Arctic region. Underwater Restaurant, located in the centre of the complex, is the most emblematic building of the Oceanogràfic owing to its unique roof designed by Felix Candela. It represents a paraboloid figure similar to that of a water lily, and contains a large aquarium on the ground floor that fits perfectly into the whole of its perimeter.

Consult the Oceanogràfic regulations

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