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OCEANOGRÀFIC NIGHTS From July 17 to August 31 2015

The City of Arts and Sciences presents 'LLUM', an innovative and amazing spectacle of the 'Oceanogràfic Nights', which harmoniously combines dolphins and synchronized swimming.
OCEANOGRÀFIC NIGHTS From July 17 to August 31 2015

Once again the Oceanogràfic launches the "Oceanogràfic Nights", a type of ticket that allows visitors to tour the aquariums and facilities of the largest marine park in Europe in a special evening schedule. From July 17 to August 31, visitors who purchase the “Oceanogràfic Nights” ticket will also enjoy the spectacle 'LLUM', to be held every night at the Dolphinarium at 10.45 p.m.

The UN has declared 2015 “International Year of Light” to "communicate to society the importance of light, and its associated technologies, in today's world in important areas such as energy, education, health, communication ... ", and that is why this year we want more than ever to fill with light the spectacle of the “Oceanogràfic Nights”.

The new show "LLUM" combines synchronized swimming and the dolphins of the Oceanogràfic in a unique exhibition that takes the viewer on an exciting journey through the evolution of light, from the first spark to the latest laser.

The spectacle shows the progress that the "light" has experienced throughout the history of mankind and how from being a resource that has given us safety, security, food and warmth, we have transformed it into a threat to ourselves and the planet we inhabit; to finalize launching a conservation message that advocates for sustainable and balanced use of this important resource.

Note: Oceanogràfic general admission ticket (10.00 am to 12.00 pm) does not include the 'LLUM' show.

*Oceanogràfic Nights Ticket

Adult: 22€
Reduced: 19€
Group: 17,50€
Hours: from 8.00 pm until midnight.

What is included?

- Visit to the park.
- Access to the ‘LLUM’ show at the Dolphinarium.

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