Finished event

Attend the screening of the concert of one of the most important groups in the world. Enjoy the music of U2´s Vertigo Tour through 3D technology, with the best multi-channel room surround sound. From 15 July to 9 September, every Saturday, at 10 pm

Year: 2008
Director: Catherine Owens. Mark Pellington
Duration: 85 minutes
Rating: suitable for all audiences

U2 3D is the first film about U2 filmed using digital 3D technology. This is a unique cinematographic experience where you will feel the energy of a massive concert by one of the planet´s most important groups. It offers a blend of the innovative 3D digital image system, the best multi-channel surround sound and one of the most outstanding performances by the group, filmed in South America during the last concerts of their Vertigo tour. Do not miss out on the excitement of seeing a concert like never before.