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Discover the Ágora

This building has been conceived as a very versatile multifunctional space for holding different types of events.

The new icon of the City of Arts and Sciences is a versatile space that will allow the holding of varied events. A multi-functional setting has been planned for the staging of congresses, conventions, concerts, and performances; it can also be converted into an exhibition area. The Àgora is a metallic structure with a ground plan similar to a pointed ellipse, about 88 metres long by 66 metres wide. Its covered area is approximately 4,811 m2. This large indoor space is conceived as a covered, open plan public plaza at the level of the ponds and adjacent walkways.  The building is surrounded by two lakes that complement the space indoors.

L'Assut Esplanade: A new, completely open-plan, 12.000 square metre space.

Highlights at the Ágora

Espacio con una versatilidad que permite acoger eventos de diversa naturaleza


Escenario multifuncional proyectado para la celebración de congresos, convenciones, eventos deportivos, conciertos o representaciones, con la posibilidad de transformarse en zona expositiva.

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We show you the most spectacular images of the Ágora of the City of Arts and Sciences in the photo gallery devoted to this landmark building. Find here details of its architecture and how their spaces transform itselves to host all kinds of events, sports or fashion events, shows and concerts.